This morning I woke up to total quiet where there's usually loud noise and activity. I took a look outside my Montreal, Canada to see a whole bigass shitload of snow. Snow, snow everywhere.

I entered my mom's room (yeah, I'm only 16) to see her lying in her bed, with a whole bunch of static coming from her radio. This is good, I thought. This means no school.

I had to make sure.

"So no school today?"
"I think so..."
"What do you mean you think so?"
"Well, they haven't announced your school, but look at the fucking weather out there! They're not going to make you go out in that!"

How wrong she was.

We sat by the radio for half an hour making out the speech from the static as we listened to horrible weather report after horrible weather report. School closings came on three times, but no mention of mine. Mom bitched the whole time as she did not want to take our her car (psssst... she's a really bad driver). Does your mom try to convince you not to go to school? Mine does. My mom called me a coward for going to school.

The announcer finally said (as we listened in the car, on the way there), "If you're a English Montreal student, too bad, all those schools are open."

Well great, fucking great.

I took the packed bus, then the packed metro, and then another packed bus all the way to school.. it took me 1 1/2 hours when it usually takes 40 minutes. Yahoo.

I also had 3 long exams today which was spectaular. I was either in school, on the way to school, or coming back from school for a total of 12 hours today.

Fucking shit.. I just played some Counterstrike and now I'm going to bed. Good night.