Live (non)Nude Noders! 9th-10th February 2002

Following the success of the London Missus/Monkey Riding Extravaganza, the management of Wertperch Associates would like to extend an Invitation to One and All to attend a meeting of mind, spirit, beer and monkeys.

The event will be held in the fair city of


(home of pretty women and fine hostelries), in the country known to its natives as England

Events will include:

The city may be reached in many ways, as Nottingham boasts a fine Railway Station, Omnibus Terminus and the Great Em One Turnpike.

Visitors will be welcome at my home at any time on the Saturday, this fine Edwardian dwelling being a few scant miles from the city centre.

The afternoon may include a tour of some local landmarks, including, but not limited to, the fine Nottingham Castle, and some fine olde inns - the fine Salutation Inn and the world-renowned Trip to Jerusalem.

Festivities will be commencing in the Golden Fleece public house, home to fine beers and spirits, this being on the famed Mansfield Road. Some may opt for a club afterward - Rock City has already been suggested, some may care to return chez wertperch for some noding or coffee.

(The pub is at - search for postcode NG1 3FN)

Suggestions for Sunday morning are very welcome. Once again, there are a number of potential attractions, including the castle and Lord Byron's place. Sportier types may opt for the National Watersports Centre. Or noding. Again.

Accomodation may be arranged if required.

Interested parties should contact wertperch at their earliest convenience, to be added to the list below:

SMS to 07931 342765, mail to or short emails direct to phone at
My address is in EMAR, use to find me at NG5 1JS


  1. wertperch as John McEnroe
  2. Jaz as Martina Navratilova
  3. Wayland as Han Solo
  4. ferenczy as Leon
  5. stupot as Clark Kent
  6. call as James Dean
  7. SharQ as Blofeld
  8. azzer As Henry V
  9. CapnTrippy as Captain Beefheart
  10. Ollong as Indiana Jones
  11. Siobhan as Mary Poppins
  12. ascorbic as Emmanuelle
  13. Catchpole as Little John
  14. (darsi) as Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  15. You... as Barbarella

Tentative castings: (Let me know if things change)

Invited: (apologies if you think you should already be on this list...) * = unable to attend :(

Everything is a Community

Accomodations may be found for some impecunious or nervous noders, details on request.

The whereabouts of the wertperch lair may be found at EMAR, and other contact details at his homenode

At the request of the management, guests will be encouraged to complete a feedback form,
detailing their experiences for addition here after the events.

Noders should refrain from adding graffiti themselves. Details will be circulated after the event.