1. Homenode picture captions - I'd really, really appreciate some way of having a "caption" field just below below the homenode picture. You have no idea how long I've been asking for this simple tweak.
  2. Instavoting button things in Blind Voting Booth?
  3. Please. Put the server/local time in the Zen Epicentre - given that more people are using this, and it's on every page...it can't be that hard.
  4. Could we please have the ability to create softlinks from a draft attached to a node/shell?
  5. The "Keep updating" message in chatterlight and chatterlighter is in an odd place. It impinges on the topic, and the text is larger than the topic, too.
  6. While we're about it, how about an "archive" and "cc" box anywhere I can reply to, or send a message?
  7. Some way of displaying stars awarded at E2 Gift Shop? Silly, but I know several people who would like that sort of a thing.
    When stars were approved, it was with the explicit caveat that they not be displayed in any way because otherwise they would become a game that people would compete at.  It's intended as an entirely-private attaboy. -om 2011 Feb 20
    Note Actually, I'd like to see the ones I have collected. I'm not talking about having them public. Maybe I should've made that clearer.
  8. A Year Ago Today is really cool, but I'd love to have a shortcut to any date - any chance of a calendar selection widget?
  9. I'm arguing in favour of something that will enable better formatting and layout of tables. Control over cellpadding would be good, and/or the ability to tweak table seetings in Zen.
  10. Would it be possible to have something to identify our "favourite" users when they are online? Possibly a notification, Zen highlighting? Just a silly thought.
  11. Could Egg Commands be worked so it displays names from The Costume Shop on Hallowe'en?
  12. The Registry information on homenodes looks just awful. Any possibility of making it prettier, and/or guving control over where it goes? Myself, I'd like to see it in the rest of the hn stuff, with the motto and such.
  1. When reparenting writeups, how about an option to delete the old containing node, if empty?
  2. There is a limit to the length of nuke messages, that includes the name of the node and whatnot. It would be nice to not have the message overflow. I'd love some sort of warning or preview - even a "number of characters left" would be nice, that takes into account the total length of the message. That, or make the message longer. Or both. But i hate the idea that my message is truncated without my knowledge.