Here be jugglers, fire-eaters and sundrie entertainment. See the jousting knights and the dancing bears. Beware of cutpurses.

After much soul-searching and scrying I have decided that Nottingham should host yetta nother nodermeet. The stars and the I-Ching suggest that an autumnal event bodes well. Running parallel with the Robin Hood Pageant, 25th - 26th October 2003, the event will include time at Nottingham Castle, enjoying a Mediaeval Fayre, lots of old crafts, possible jousting tournament. Food and drink always provide a background, and with the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem and the The Salutation Inn around the corner, should be good.

Meeting up

Best option is to ring Albert Herring or wertperch (on 07931 342765) (although my time is severely limited due to new working arrangements*, so Mr Herring is the best bet there!).

Accomodations are fewer than other Nottingham meets, largely due to my housemate taking up valuable space. Albert Herring has offered some floor space, but there may not be more than 8 spaces in total. Priority will be given to those best-known to locals, and known students or similar impecunious types. As at current writing, 6 crash spaces are available, I think.

I have sought out some inexpensive accomodations locally (listed below). Meantime, those expressing an interest so far are:
Locals Travellers
* His suggestion, not mine...

Maybe. Hopefully. They'd better.


If you want to be included, or have any suggestions for activity, let me know!


Local hotels include:

  • Grantham Hotel:   0115 981 1373
  • Acorn Hotel:   0115 981 1297
  • Balmoral Hotel:   0115 955 2992
  • Gallery Hotel:   0115 981 3651
  • Comfort Hotel:   0115 947 5641
  • Elmbank Guest House:   0115 962 5493
All are on good bus routes, about 10 minutes from the city centre.

* I'm about on Saturday and Sunday between 1100 and 1600 only. Please don't bother ringing outside these times...