Everything is a Community

Just under two days ago, I learned that my job may well not be any more. My daylog for that day is still difficult for me to read, and yet, having been through the whole gamut of emotions for 36 hours, I feel more able to cope now, and there is one real reason.

I have had literally dozens of emails and /msgs encouraging me to keep going, to keep doing what I am doing here. Some of these were from people I have never met, people who I am never likely to meet, but all of them carried the same underlying message - don't give up in any way! E2 is full of survivors, full of people who have been through, are going through the same as I am, the same as you are. Lean on these and learn from them, your brothers and sisters. That is the message. Theirs to me, and mine to you.

To all of them I say "Thank you" - your messages meant something to me, something special. To all of you, I say "Thank you", too. Your presence here, your writing, is encouragement to me.

Forgive me, for I have sinned - it has been six days since my last write-up. I also did something silly and scary with my homenode. I wiped it, put up a silly and self-pitying quote instead. I am in the process of rebuilding it now, and it should be resumed soon. My penance is to complete the rescues I have promised to do, and to make my contribution to the current Quest tomorrow. No, all right - it's not a penance - I enjoy this writing, love being here, love the contribution I can make. I have just finished my first 'proper' write-up in 5 days, and it feels good. I am about to start work on another one, and that feels good, too!

I am hoping very much to go away soon for a few days, to meet another noder in real life. It will be good for me to get away for a while, see a different horizon, breathe some different air, get myself back up North again, away from sometimes-gloomy Nottingham.

/me wishes he had known hermetic. Many people miss him. He penned the write-up which forms the theme for this daylog, and has proven beyond doubt that the love of an online community is a positive thing. Had the timing been different, he might still be with us. Everything is a Community. Never forget that. I know I won't.