The aftermath of suicide

I returned from a small Bristol nodermeet with A, B, C and D yesterday evening to the news that my housemate was dead.

Today has been a day of sorrowful discovery and trauma. He has been depressed for some time, and took his own life in the early hours of Saturday morning. I spoke to the Police earlier, and they gave me the sad tidings. He ran a length of hose from his exhaust into the car and slipped into the sleep from which there is no awakening. His father rang me twice, to arrange collection of his belongings. His ex-partner's friend called to talk with me. The parting hug of mutual support made me cry.

My girfriend has been worrying about me, in between arranging doctor appointments and signing for unemployment benefit. I am still waiting to get back to work, even part-time, and to conquer my own depression. The police came to take a statement, and I had to relive my relationship with him, to try to make sense of this senseless loss.

/me misses gbear, but I will survive. Thanks for all the messages of support. from my family