When the Breast Fairy Comes

Two things have happened in the past 24 hours. Firstly, Christine is out of surgery following her mastectomy. She was in the OT for about two hours, and the surgeon declared herself happy with the procedure, having removed both her right breast and several lymph nodes. Currently, she is snoozing, sleeping off the combination of drugs she's on for pain control. Christine, that is, not the surgeon.

The other thing was seeing a book in a shop here in Davis, with the above title. It was slightly alarming, the thought of a titty equivalent of the Tooth Fairy, who leaves money under your pillow following removal of a breast. Despite my knowing that the book is aimed at girls approaching puberty, I guess I'll still peek under the pillow when I get back to the hospital. You never know, there may be a bundle of money under there, as compensation.

In Other News...

Christine is well, having eaten a good breakfast, and able to make it to the bathroom with only minor help - not bad for an Amazon less than 24 hours after her surgery! I'm in pretty good shape too, having stayed at the hospital overnight (I'm on my way to get a shower and a decent cup of tea now. If you need to ring, please call my mobile - (email me for that!) after 2200 server time today. Remember I'm on PST, eight hours behind GMT right now, though.

Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts, prayers and suchlike. You know who you all are - meantime, continue to think of us both, as Chris starts her chemotherapy in two weeks. Gifts of easy reading, romance novels and daft little stuff to grundoon. Oh, and soft hats, in case the chemo knocks her bald.

Finally, we're still awaiting phone and internet connectivity at home, so don't expect a response online for a while yet.

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