Our tribe was moving through the (I want to say moon-lit, but we were on the Moon - Earth-lit, I guess) earth-lit, snowy forest, skiing fast and silent down rocky sharp slopes. I don't know if I was leading, or simply a part of the tribe; we moved effortlessly, like a flock of intent crows, like a gust of winter air low along the ground. We were definitely on the Moon - I had a strong sense of place through the usual powers of dream logic.

The Moon had been terraformed by Them - whether 'Them' meant United States, or just Earth (or if the distinction mattered or even existed at that point in the future), I don't know. It was terraformed, and seeded with a taiga-like pine forest, and snow lay on the lunar mountains. There was an atmosphere shield in place - either some kind of force field, or a protective film of nanotech goo, and as a result the air was breathable, if a bit cold.

We might have been at war with Them, but since they were the ones from Old Earth, the ones mighty enough to remake this place, and we only had our skis and the forest, it was probably a petty guerilla war, at best. They probably viewed us as a handful of pesky snow mice, living in their back yard, if they noticed us at all. We also didn't care, about Them or about Earth -- the forest and the mountains were ours, and we fit the place completely, occasionally looking without fear at the unwelcome intrusions of Their ships coming and going on the horizon.

As we moved down the mountain, I looked up and felt something approaching from orbit. We've seen this kind of thing before, and knew exactly what would happen. There was a lurch as the missile or ship or whatever it was punctured the atmosphere shield. Whether it was aimed at us, or some kind of accident, or perhaps the normal mode for entering the atmosphere, it didn't matter. There was a woosh of air escaping - we knew that strong tornado-like winds and moonquakes would follow.

The tribe shifted in its motion, like a school of fish, turning in unison. We were of the moon, and knew exactly what to do - where to go, what caves to hide in while the chaos raged outside.

And that's it. The dream started to fade as we all skiied for cover. Drifting awake, I remember feeling vaguely grateful to Them for making this place habitable, even if they did intrude and mess up our weather.