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Driving in Seattle without getting lost, holographic glitter, inventing cuisine, breaking my own heart. Concocting alternate CtD mythoi
First, do no harm.
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wendolen is a girl who's always had trouble with self-definition. she's never been much inclined to define herself according to others, either, though, which leaves everything terribly vague.

she likes music a little too much -- Talking Heads, David Bowie, Violent Femmes, Sugarcubes, and Barenaked Ladies dominate the CD player lately.

after 5 years spent socializing via email and irc, she's trying to learn to read books again. being forced to read Stephen King's The Stand is not entirely conducive to that... discovering Terry Moore's Strangers In Paradise is, however. (learning to talk to people may well be an insurmountable task; at any rate, one thing at a time.)