Track nine from Silence is sexy, released 2000 on nothing records. A note on the English translation - there might be some confusion with the translation of the title in the liner notes; it's translated as "sun barque", which might not be quite right.

Apparently the song is, among other possible explanations, a story of Ra, groovy subject of much Egyptian myth, and a deity who liked to sail his heavenly boat down the Nile. A barque or bark is a European vessel with sails; a barge is a flat riverboat, suitable for the ceremonial purposes of the Egyptians. Plus apparently Blixa has introduced the song live as "sun barge". On another note, I'm not sure if it's the translation again or what, but I'm thinking they should perhaps lay off the purple prose before I break out my Freud textbooks.

Performance-wise, this song credits A.Hacke with playing the "blue bin", which is actually a toxic waste disposal unit they found somewhere. Rudi Moser also gets to play the jet turbine, which is one of those percussive instruments that simply must be seen to be believed.