4:32pm - still in pajamas. I'm not saying that I blame e2 in any sort of direct fashion for the fact that I haven't cooked a meal or had a decent night's sleep in ages, and the fact that my brain is so wonked I almost noded this on January 2, 2000. My roommate checked the mail and what do we have here? My 2000 tax package, lovingly sent from Ottawa. Alarm sets in quicker than a hot knife through butter in August and I am currently taking this as an omen to get the fuck out of my house before the sun sets or before they come after me, whichever comes first.

10:32pm - got out of pajamas, watched the x-men movie and am currently pleased that one of my roommates also thinks that there's something very, very attractive about Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, kind of in that "this guy should not be in any way appealing" sort of way. For my sins, I am being punished, it would appear, with the flu.