It took me ages to sleep properly because I was running something of a fever last night; eventually I dreamt that I was a prince, young and very well loved by my subjects. However, the Snidely Whiplash-type character from the next kingdom wanted to murder me and take over my lands and people. I dressed myself as a servant, and when the evil prince (who, now that I think about it, looked a lot like John Cleese) came to look for me I pretended that the prince was away on royal duties, but we'd show him around the castle and be throughly diplomatic.

Every single person in the castle knew it was me under those rags, but none betrayed me. For three days this continued, and by the end of the third day he'd caught on. Somehow I was over at his house the next morning, and when I woke up he had his hands around my throat. I begged for my life, saying that my subjects loved me and I deserved to live; there was a struggle and somehow I managed to escape sans pajamas, completely buck naked. Which is interesting, because while naked dreams aren't that uncommon for me, dreaming that I'm naked and male is something else entirely. And I was totally cool with it, ready to run home in the buff, and it wasn't until I embarassed some girl that I decided maybe I should cover myself. Which is when I noticed that I was hung like a goddamn horse.