The 'Quit India' Movement was one of the most vital episodes in the history of Indian freedom struggle. The Quit India movement was launched in August 1942. "I want freedom immediately, this very night before dawn if it can be had.. we shall free India or die in the attempt, we shall not live to see the perpetuation of our slavery", declared Mahatma Gandhi, as the British resorted to brutal repression against non-violent satyagrahis.

The Quit India movement was launched at a time when several factors were in the favour of the freedom fighters. Great Britain was fighting a losing war on two fronts. In Europe it was defending its country against Hitler. In the east, Japan had been capturing her possessions like Burma.

After the great revolt of 1857, the Quit India movement was the next great uprising that ultimately helped India achieve freedom. Students and teachers forsook the colleges.Factories were closed. There were mob-violence and riots. Before the year was over, there were 600 police firings and thousands killed, and the prisons of the country were full. Over a lakh of persons were convicted and sentenced.

Though the Quit India Movement was collapsed by the end of the year, it became the turning point in India's struggle for freedom.

India achieved independence on August 15, 1947.