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I found this website by chance and it was the funniest thing I read in a long time. Well, for like 6 hours, anyway. My name is Steffi, I'm 15, I'm a girl, and I'm straight (Just in case! Not an experience I'd like to re-live, thank you very much.) Some say I'm witty and scheming, some say I'm nice and sweet. Then others just say I'm a straight up bitch. These are all correct. I'm also random, sarcastic, intelligent, stupid, ADD-prone, and a slew of other things I don't feel like writing right now. Anywho, I have a boyfriend, too, so yeah. No asking me out to go to a Starbucks at 6 pm on a Friday in Los Angeles. Cuz, well, I don't live in LA anyway. I live in Florida, the Sunshine Frickin' State. It gets hot as hell down here and if you've seen snow, go die -_- I'm a grammar freak. I'm anal about it. Um, hm, probably more blah I can write but I don't feel like typing write now, esp. not when I should be doing something more important!...or not. I'm just gonna go cuz I'm tired of typing. Off on my search to know the randomest things possible! Toodle-oo (: