Letters of The Incorrigible:
My Girlfriend, Kaiti

WARNING: girlfriend rant. may be boring as hell

My girlfriend Kait was recently evicted from her apartment because of a recent string of firings and a very stubborn and short-lived job search. Currently she and her 16 year old cat, Shadow, are living with me... although it isn't even my house. I pay rent to live in a three bedroom house owned by a friend. He made me promise not to have a girlfriend move in if I wanted to live there, of which I was forced to break on 2 seperate occasions in the sake of her misfortune.

Kait recently acquired (i missed that word in a Spelling B in 5th grade.. no, wait.. that was required. nevermind) 2 part-time jobs and works about 25 or so hours a week. She has just started to pay the important bills again, leaving no money to throw in on daily living things like food, toilet paper, or anything else that I have been forced to pick up. I was just informed that we are taking a vacation to some unknown destination that will require a passport to accomplish and I will need to pay half the trip. When this was brought up, I was initially excited (trips always excite me). Upon further examination, I started to question what the hell she is spending her money on a trip for if she can't afford her own place, let alone fix her cracked head gasket, pay a $-300.00 bank account (that she has decided she doesn't need to pay), pay a way past due phone bill, and countless other bills she has neglected to pay in her "tough times". Now don't think I am insensitive (well, maybe a little, but it didn't start out that way).I gave her rides to and from everywhere she needed to go while she didn't have a home or a car last time this happened. Now I am getting a little fed up. "This isn't the guy I knew 2 years ago" she says. No shit. That guy was squashed away by her inability to take care of herself and her business over the past 1 1/2 years.

I had more written (i could probably go on for a week straight), but it sounds so rediculous that I am even bothering to worry about this anymore. The only thing that keeps me with her is the fact that she really does love the shit out of me, which I have learned in the past is a really hard thing to truely happen upon. That and she really does mean well. It just never works out well. I just wonder how long that is gonna hold us together.