I just got done playing my guitar for the first time in what seems like forever. My finger tips are grey like a popsicle that has been sucked dry, equipped with their cold equivilant in numbness. My pinky has grown weak, and my fingers tend to cramp when I needed them most. I can't even remember why I stopped playing. It was such a joy.

I had a girlfriend.
She was a cleaner, I was a mess.
And she would always clean up all my messes.
I would never know where anything was.
Most everything was gone before we parted.
Not gone... just "put away".

Now I'm sitting here,
sifting through it all,
Trying to recover the the joys I had,
while passing over all the negativity
and the things I associated them with.
And it's hard to remember them all.
I know there was more than this...
I just can't remember.
Maybe it was all that pot...
or maybe not.

It's hard to tell the poison from the poetry