The Confederation of British Industries (or CBI) is a pressure group that is very prevalent and powerful in the British and European political systems. It is made up of many companies and also other groups of companies. This makes it an interesting pressure group because its members are not individuals (unlike Greenpeace).

They look after the interests of the British industries in Europe and other international forums as well as in the U.K.. They make sure that the government of the U.K. keeps British industries' interests at heart.

It is classified as an Insider group since it has a large amount of contacts in the government (both in the civil service and in the Houses of Parliament).

It is also classified as a sectional cause insider group.

It is very influencial in both the UK and in the EU since it has a large membership of very rich and powerful businesses. Few governments would like to upset such a large group of managers and consultants who earn most of the countries' wealth.