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The least weasel is the smallest meat eating animal. It can grow to be ten inches long and weighs up to three ounces. In the summer the least weasel is medium to dark brown on its sides and back and is yellowish white on its underside. In the winter it is completely white. The least weasel is shaped long and thin.

The least weasel has one litter per year. They may have from three to ten babies a year . The babies grow to full size in 80-85 days.

To survive they must have daily access to rodents. They usually eat mice but will eat birds, fish, young hares, and insects when mice can not be found. They are carnivores, because they are meat eaters.

A least weasel has lots of predators including lynx, foxes and hawks. But their worst enemy is a cold winter with no food. Their speed and small size and shape help them avoid enemies. They have been known to attack humans who come between them and their food.