See Also: Credit History Sucks

I've had a bad credit rating for quite some time, and I was stuck in a rut. (Bad credit=no credit card, no credit card=no improvmenet to credit) I didn't want to resort to getting department store cards because, well, I never shopped there.

But I found a way out!

There are a few methods you could use...

  • Consolidated Loans - Even if you don't need them, use them. Consolodated loans take all of your bills and let you pay them back in one payment that is smaller than the bills themselves. Note that the company providing this service takes some of your money (obviously).
  • Department Store CREDIT CARDS - Visa rejects me. Mastercard rejects me. But WalMart Visa (the same as a Visa but only a $500 limit) didn't even look twice at my credit rating. I got an automatic, quick approval. Of course, I have to be ashamed and hang my head everytime I pull out the card. :)
  • Pay Your Bills Early - Paying your phone bill a week in advance... even partially... does show up on your credit reports. After a year of paying bills early, I started getting spam from all sorts of companies, wanting me to pay for things first and receive a product later. This is when I knew I was out of my rut.
Hope this helps someone, particularly moongirl. :)