Today I decided to go to school. Or, rather, enroll in university.

This will be the beginning of a long and arduous journey, starting at grade-11 and 12 math and then choosing and following a career path.

I'm thinking computer science. /msg me if you have any suggestions as to what the future of this little noder will be :)

Also, for the first time in all of history, I was banned from an IRC channel - this would be #e. I said "******" (yes, with stars) and was banned for "being a dick". *sighs* Perchance I will one day have this ban lifted... Perchance.

Anywho, this would be my first daylog. I've been around (in essence) for a few months now, and just recently (this month) I have started my own writeups. I think an online community is one of the most fantabulous things in the world, and am getting a warm fuzzy feeling typing this out. :)