Today is September 11th.

There is something very special about this day.

Actually, there are several special things.

First of all, my library books are due back. After years of buying everything I wanted to read, I now get them all for free. Crazyness!

Secondly, it is my "Monday," and I am returning to the grind after a long, long weekend. For those that remember/care I obtained a job at The Brick ( as a salesperson. That's where I tell people "what they want to hear; tell people anything to make a sale." I feel dirty.

As well, Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Game Cube is due to be released in a few days.

That is all, for there is nothing in the past to be honored. On 9/11/01 nobody valiantly died to save our freedom. Yes, there were some brave guys (NYFD, others) but they were hired for bravery. They were hired to save lives. They were hired to do that kind of thing EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not a day should go by without you bowing down and handing fistfulls of money to your local FD/PD. Today is NOT SPECIAL.

If we keep the thought of terror in our heads and we raise terrorist alert alarms to blazing-super-aquamarine-alert (!!!) it only serves to forward their purpose. The terrorists weren't trying to strike a critical blow to our financial system. They didn't hope to take down our entire power grid. They simply wanted us to be scared. They wanted us to remember this day forevermore.

I sarcastically fear a day like 9/11 may fade from history books just as most negative events on the good ol' US of A have. Vietnam is hard to come by in modern history books - WWI and WWII have full chapters devoted to them, a minor paragraph is set aside for vietnam, then a few more paragraphs on the Persian Gulf. Point to one high-school history book that details the Canadians burning down the White House (err, Presidential Palace, sorry). The War of 1812? It barely even happened. Canada kicked the US's sorry ass up and down the border. Heck, the Sherman tank used by the US in WWII sucked so much that Germans called it a "Match" - one strike and they billow up in flames. But if you check the local library, you'll see the Sherman tank was the penultimate in military technology, enabling the Allies to win the war. God damn, propaganda pisses me off.

Anyways, better go have a shower. This day has been circled on my calendar - I need to get a haircut before work.