This is a (gasp!) Real Life(tm) game, so you'll need to get off Everything 2 and make some friends before you can play. But it's fun to read about, anyway.

MATERIALS: 4 or more persons and a good location. What is "good?" The game is best played in a heavily forested, soft-ground location. Various hazards are always nice, such as rivers, steep embankments, thorn bushes, fallen logs, etc.. You are looking for a place that is large, such that you cannot see the entire playing area (or very far at all, for that matter) from any point within the playing area. Trails and paths are always fun.

BASIC PREMISE: Super-Tag mixed with hide-and-go-seek.

OBJECTIVE: Like tag, don't get caught if you're being chased. If you're chasing, catch. The chased person usually has an objective; be creative. Objective Suggestions:
  • Steal a Pop Can and return it to a designated zone
  • Go undetected for 5 minutes
  • Stay "alive" for 10 minutes
RULES AND GAMEPLAY: The more people, the better; the best mix I have found is 5 people. 4 people are designated "hunters," 1 is the "hunted." All 5 should gather at a memorable point in the playing field; such as a crossroads of trails, maybe a large stump, what have you.

From here, the hunted runs away, and after a period of time, the hunters chase after him. A solid grab designates a kill (a flailing slap on the back, for instance, does not). It is now the simple mission of the hunted to obtain his objectives - find a good hiding spot, run away, stay alive for 10 minutes, steal a pop can, or whatever else you can think of.

When I first started playing, the head-start timer was 1 minute. We found this to make too slow a game; we slowly whittled it down to 5 seconds. This makes the beginning of the hunt very intense, and very adrenaline pumping. For the hunted to escape, they must find a hiding spot nearby, or vault themselves over terrain in hopes that the hunters trip themselves up.

Obviously, this game requires a bit of physical stamina. For those wanting to play a less intense-on-the-body version, extend the head-start time. This will give the hunted ample time to walk away and find a hiding spot, and "sneak" around ninja-style.