Well, the unfortunate news is that the women of Canada don't seem too receptive to my master plan so I'm going to have to go on a murderous rampage... Or pay someone else to do it... Or just get over it.

Though I have lots of practice killing 500 million people (499.999 million now that Ocelot_bob has moved out) with Grand Theft Auto, I don't think I have enough HP and I don't think there's enough health boxes littered around California.

In other news, at work we're currently having the Biggest Sale of the Year!

I know, I know, it's hard to beleive that something like that actually is the biggest sale of the year, but in this case it's almost true.

Since everyone buys on Boxing Day, we don't have to mark down our prices. But in mid-february, our slowest month of the year, everyone drives 40 miles just to get the lowest prices.

In conclusion, if you have a deep-rooted need to purchase Furniture, get down to your nearest retail outlet and I'm sure they'll have a sale on to compete with us. At least, in Canada. I don't know if the buying mood is the same in the US of A.

I mailed about 22 postcards yesterday to everything2ians. Sounds like fun for the whole family.

But it's not.*

I am still trying to get my Flight School paid for. Raising $10-40K is not easy, and loans don't cut it when you have zero credit and no loan collateral.

Unfortunately for me, my dream profession will have to wait because an investor's money is completely dependant on my performance as a pilot. If a break an arm - woosh! all the money is gone. I was thinking of starting a trust fund or something. But it seems all so selfish.

Then I got to thinking - what if people beleived in me, and sent me money. Then I sent them their money back plus interest, so a basic investment. But then, using my newfound moneys as a pilot, I would set up a few trust funds for other would-be pilots. I don't know how "easy" it is to set up a trust fund, or if it's possible, or what have you... But if it is too much of a hassle I think I'll start up a Charity or something. I don't know.

But you read it here first on Everything2. I haven't even told my Girlfriend yet.

*: It's not fun for the whole family, but it still is fun.

P.S.: I dyed my hair a few days ago. It is now it's regular brown with a heavy set of Blonde Hilights. I think I look like... I dunno... Brad Pitt or something. I remind me of someone. grr! who is it?!

I'm a 23-year-old male and it's my first ever hair-dying experience. Nothing quite like changing your appearance to give you a different step in life.