Today I lost a bet.

Being a proud Canadian, I balked when someone at work said that California had more people than Canada. So I bet them that it didn't.

Mind you, I wasn't laying down any incredible amounts of money on this. I simply bet my co-worker a coffee.

I was then belittled by my fellow Canadian co-workers when I found the following figures:

  • California: 35.1 Million (Early 2002)
  • Canada: 30.2 Million (Mid 2001)
I am shamed.

Instead of sitting on my ass and whining about it though, I think I will embark on a journey to right this wrong. I have two options, and which path I take will be decided by you, the people of Canada.

  • 1. Increase the population of Canada. This will require many ladies to sleep with me. An unfortunate side effect.
  • 2. Decrease the population of California.
Your choice!