When the defining paradigm of go is shifted to fight, all the old terms of getting your kicks, being mad, and even being beat, become twisted.

Truly, the last of that generation is gone, and there are no more children at play on the great open roads of America. It depresses me, that the dream of the cosmic goof, has in a way passed on with them, and all that is left is the anguish of absurdity and always anger.

Because I don’t think that I will ever see the face of God in the setting sun of a western highway, and I fear that the conflict inherent in being awake in a county asleep, has left me further from freedom.

So dear friends, I caution you to follow this line gently, ‘cause innocence regained is proving elusive, and I am not sure if it is they or I who is dreaming. Perhaps it is only the wind that is howling.