Alternative Conclusion

srkorn my friend, If I may call you so, essentially, it isn’t the kieff that is bugging you, it’s what is going on inside you.

Pot affects different people differently, but you fear that its impairing you, ( though isn’t that the exact reason you smoked?). My point is this: It’s apparent that you have the propensity for rumination, and THC, as a depressant, reinforces your inclination. I suggest that this is the root of your issues.

Instead of getting bummed out because your having difficulty contemplating the philosophical and mathematical implications of how much coffee costs in relation to shipping, let go a little.
You have an analytical mind, as evidenced by this arduous experiment. Sometimes it might be nice to leave the analysis alone for a while, SMILE, turn on the cartoons, and laugh the deep contented belly laugh of uncluttered innocence. When you get tired, drift into the beatific dead sleep that you deserve.

There will be plenty of time to be clever… Tomorrow.