12 Good Ways To Ruin A Club
  1. Don't go to meetings.
  2. But if you do go - Go late.
  3. Never accept an office, it is easier to criticise than to actually do anything.
  4. If asked by the chairman to give your opinion about something important say you have no comment.
  5. After the meeting however, buy a beer and tell everyone how things should be done.
  6. Hold back your membership money as long as possible or better still don't pay at all.
  7. If you agree with everything at the meeting, make sure you disagree with it afterwards in the pub.
  8. When everything else fails abuse the office holders, especially any female on the committee.
  9. Don't bother getting new members let the secretary do it.
  10. Talk co-operation for the fellow with you but never co-operate with him.
  11. Don't tell the club how it can help you but if it doesn’t help you tell everyone its useless.
  12. Do Nothing more than necessary but when other members roll up their sleeves and willingly and selflessly give of their time to keep the club going, complain that the club is being run by a clique.