It's nearly time for the 517th annual Tottington Hall Giant Vegetable competition. Everyone is growing vegetables as big as they can, from pumpkins to carrots and everything in between. Even Gromit is growing his own huge marrow, warming it with his electric blanket. Of course, giant vegetables bring big rabbit problems, so Wallace and Gromit have gone into business again, this time as Anti-Pesto.

But then, four days before the competition, a new terror strikes the town, a terror that even Anti-Pesto cannot take care of. It's the Were-rabbit, bigger than any bunny ever before encountered. It terrorises the town and eats vegetables galore. It's only active at night, and it's a threat to the competition.

So, how do you catch a very big rabbit? With a very big trap. The problem is, Wallace's inventive mind is starting to lose its strength, and Anti-Pesto's attempts fail at first. Lady Tottington, the owner of Tottington Hall, commissions Victor Quartermaine, a less humane pest controller, to take out the Were-rabbit before the competition starts.

WARNING: This next bit contains spoilers. If you intend to see this movie, do not read any further. You have been warned.

Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, aka The Great Vegetable Plot, was produced by Aardman Animations and directed by Steve Box (director and writer of Stage Fright) and Nick Park (director of the other Wallace and Gromit titles), who together also created Chicken Run, another great classic.

This film is Nick Park's best triumph so far. With plenty of obvious cliches, plot twists (like Wallace turning out to be the big bunny!) and in-series jokes, as well as some original matter, Curse Of The Were-Rabbit is a great film to be enjoyed by all Wallace and Gromit fans... and other people too, whoever they may be.

Keep your eye out for: Some time ago, a computer virus was released to coincide with Michelangelo's 517th birthday. The Were-rabbit was created to coincide with the 517th vegetable competition. I will be very surprised if this reference is a coincidence...

My rating: 9/10