Shane Warne is a Victorian and Australian cricketer. Notably, Warne holds the record for scoring the most Test runs without ever scoring a century - 100 runs in an innings - falling short on 99 on one occasion. So he is quite useful as a lower-order batsman, but he is most famous for being the most prolific wicket-taker in Australian history and, for a brief period, the entire history of the game. He was the first man to pick up 700 Test wickets, amidst a perpetual race with Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan.

IMHO, Warne's off-field antics and controversies are not offset by his skills on the cricket pitch. The two are separate areas of his life, in my eyes, and must be treated as such: when talking about cricket, Warne is one of the greatest bowlers of all time; when talking about yobbos, Warne is one of the worst. Since the first writeup, Warne has been involved in more sex scandals and been through a divorce with his wife. He was also banned from the game for a year for taking an illegal diuretic which he claimed was "given to him by his mother". (The reason he was banned is that the diuretic could have been considered a masking agent.)

On field, we're bloody lucky to have had him bowl for Australia. His many years in the game have been legendary, from his (in)famous "Ball From Hell" to his plain psychological torture of batsmen the world over (yes, torture: there is a legend that says Daryl Cullinan sought therapy after Warne's brutal treatment). Warne is well known for his "flipper"; although he did not develop it himself, he used it with huge success, including his first wicket after returning to the game after surgery on his hand.