My friends and myself are currently playing a game of Nomic over Facebook. It is intended as a reasonably experimental game, as well as a serious attempt at playing. I thought I'd log our rule changes and such here, to give an idea about just how the game is played. This is (I believe) the first time any of us have ever played Nomic, and we are playing it online, so please bear with us while we get stuff sorted out.

  • 17 August: Thread created, game begins. (Players will be known here by Players A-F to preserve anonymity. Player A begins. I am Player C.)
  • 20 August: Player A introduces Proposal 301: players shall only have a limited time to vote on new proposals, if no vote is received then the player who did not vote will be assumed to have abstained. The responsibility of keeping track of time is up to the Timekeeper, appointed as Player A (as soon as the rule takes effect, of course, as per Rule 107).
  • 25 August: after some discussion, the proposal passes unanimously. Player A receives 10 points as per Rule 202.
  • 29 August: Player B introduces Proposal 302: players making any spelling or grammatical errors shall have points deducted from their tally, provided that someone spots the mistake before it is corrected. Should contention arise, the matter shall be referred to the High Chancellor of Spelling and Grammar, to be appointed before each round (but beginning with Player C).
  • 31 August: after plenty of discussion, the proposal passes unanimously. Player B receives 11 points.
  • 1 September: Player C introduces Proposal 303: should any player need to leave the game for a lengthy period of time due to a personal emergency etc., he may request that the game be put on temporary hiatus; requests to be allowed or denied by consensus. (Otherwise, rule 301 still applies.)
  • 4 September: Player C accuses Player B of a possible grammatical error. A smaller discussion is held regarding proper use of spelling and grammar. (The "charges", as it were, are dropped during the discussion.)
  • 5 September: Player D makes a grammatical error and loses 1 point. Player A makes a spelling error and loses one point. Proposal 303 passes, with one abstaining vote. Player C receives 10 points.
  • 13 September: Player D withdraws from the game.
  • 23 September: Player E introduces Proposal 304: the transmutation of Rule 112 from immutable to mutable.
  • 27 September: Player F makes two grammatical errors and loses 2 points. Proposal 304 passes, with one abstaining vote. Player E receives 10 points.
  • 23 October: Player F introduces Proposal 305: a slight modification of Rule 112 to read the following: "The state of affairs that constitutes winning may not be altered from achieving n points to any other state of affairs. The magnitude of n points and the means of earning points may be changed, however an infinitely large amount of points always leads to a win. Rules that establish a winner when play cannot continue may be enacted and (while they are mutable) be amended or repealed."
  • 24 October: Proposal 305 passes unanimously. Due to another spelling error, Player F receives 13 points.
  • 1 November: Player A introduces Proposal 306: to give official recognition of the game as "N Nomic", and to let its founders "be enshrined as such to be forever remembered and immortalised for as long as this game shall exist." In doing so, he makes a grammatical error.
  • 6 November: Proposal 306 passes, with one abstaining vote. Player A receives 11 points.
  • 10 November: Player B introduces Proposal 307: all posts ending in full-stops must be followed by a post that is written in limerick form. Failure incurs a one-point penalty.
  • 16 November: Player B withdraws from the game. Proposal 307 is concurrently withdrawn.
  • 19 November: Player C - the Chancellor of Spelling and Grammar - makes a spelling error and loses two points. (In true bureaucratic fashion, he later blames the mistake on Windows.)
  • 23 November: Player C introduces a new Proposal 307: an alteration of rule 209 to say "a maximum of 35 mutable rules" instead of 25.
  • 29 November: Proposal 307 goes down. Player C loses 10 points.
  • 30 December: Player E introduces Proposal 308: new proposals must be made within ten days of the previous turn ending.
  • 4 January 2010: Proposal 308 passes unanimously. Player E receives 17 points.
  • 5 January: Player A invokes Rule 303. The game is put on hiatus for at least the period 6-19 January.
  • 23 January: On return, Player A promptly makes two grammatical errors.
  • 3 February: Player F withdraws. After a short discussion, the remaining players decide to discontinue the game. The result is yet to be decided; however, if points lead to victory, certainly Player E will be victorious.

The game continues...

Current scores: Player A = 18; Player B = 11; Player C = -2; Player D = -1; Player E = 27, Player F = 11