Agreed, this is a great game... with quite a few challenges. Especially teaching your dogs some tricks. I can be heard sometimes spending up to ten minutes reinforcing old tricks, otherwise exploring new tricks. Here is a list of all the basic (!) tricks, plus a few advanced ones. I will update every time I find a new one.


  1. Sit. This is the first trick your puppy should learn, and it is explained to you when you start the game. When your puppy is standing in front of you, touch its head and drag the stylus down. Your puppy should sit down.
  2. Down. When your puppy is sitting, drag the stylus down its head again. It should lie down.
  3. Shake. When your puppy is standing, lift up its front paw (either one, but make sure it's the same one every time) for a couple of seconds. Your puppy will not move, but the light bulb in the top-right-hand corner will appear all the same.
  4. Play Dead and Roll Over.
    • When your puppy is lying down, touch its back and drag towards either side. It should roll onto its side.
    • When it is playing dead, roll the stylus over it again, in the same direction. It should roll onto its back.
  5. Spin. Not easy with corgis and other dogs with short tails. Grab its tail and hold it for about three seconds. Your dog should hold still while you are holding it, then chase its own tail.
  6. Wag and Jump. A little more complex. When your dog starts shaking its butt in the air, touch the light bulb. Teach it to wag its tail. (Not politically correct, I know, but that's what I did.) Then, next time it wags on its own, tap the air above your puppy's head. If it doesn't jump, don't worry. Patience.
  7. Beg. The hardest of the basic tricks. Make sure your dog is well adjusted to you, otherwise it may not learn the trick. When your puppy is standing, drag the stylus from its belly (the little bit that you can see) up past its head. Sometimes your puppy will shake its head, and other times it will lift both paws in the air for about half a second. Give it time.


  1. Dance. When your puppy is begging, slowly drag its front paw up. It should stand on its hind legs and then start to jiggle a little.
  2. Sneeze. Yes, you can actually get your dogs to sneeze on command! It can do it in either of three positions, so make sure you do it from the same position each time. Simply tap its nose with the stylus.
  3. Back Flip. A combination of two tricks, this will probably not work until your dog has passed Expert level in obedience trials. Tell your dog to sit, then jump.
  4. Hand Stand. Again, should not be tried for a little while. Tell your dog to lie down, then beg.

Will write more as I find them. (The game is awesome!)