National Days (Canada Day, Australia Day, Bastille Day etc. Includes days like ANZAC day)
PATRIOTISM!!! Be patriotic to your country on a day like today. This isn't another commercial racket, it's a day where you should just be slap-happy and love your country. In fact, most of them have some kind of history attached to them, which is another thing I can understand. Why *those* days? The history, man. Even if we're not sure what the history is, just kick back and partake in your country's national pastime, like playing cricket and having a barbie if you're Aussie. AUSTRALIA!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I'M SORRY I SLEPT WITH AMERICA AND CHINA!!!

Usually, somewhere in Australia there's a cricket match or fifty. Usually there's an international one (Australia vs. some other country) and usually it's in Adelaide. However, I didn't get to see much of it as I was playing a game of cricket myself. Our lovely team were against the top-of-the-ladder, never-lost-a-game team. I still don't know what was the best part of the day: bailing them out for 75 (a very low score, even for club cricket), getting a catch in the process (he popped it up right at me), seeing one of our guys and his rival from the other team clash... and our guy coming out best (I have never seen more disgusting on-field behaviour from the other guy), scoring 28 from 25 overs (unfortunately, they got my number and started bowling down my leg side - I was dropped at 27 off a sitter but was caught next ball for 28), facing an arrogant prick who had left our team because he 'wasn't getting a go' (he was easy to see off), another faceoff between the two aforementioned with our guy winning again (our guy was Beano, whom I have mentioned before: he was pissed off - with tongue planted firmly in cheek - that I was making the shots for once), or getting to a stumps score of 9d-195 (the d means declared. We deliberately stopped our innings at that point. It's a tactical thing) and thus being 120 runs ahead with a day to play.


I love you, Australia.