The title is based on the famous medical text, Gray's Anatomy. But that's all that has to do with the book. The rest of the show is one-half sitcom, one-half medical drama. It's a great show that was never expected to go far - at least, not by the show's creator and executive producer.

Meredith Grey is a first-year surgical intern at a Seattle hospital, along with "Izzie" Stevens, George O'Malley (who would become her roommates), Cristina Yang and Alex Karev. Training them are Miranda "The Nazi" Bailey, the 'flirtatious but capable' surgeon Derek Shepherd, the arrogant yet skilled surgeon Preston Burke, and the chief Richard Webber.

The story starts with Meredith waking up next to Derek, saying a quick goodbye, and moving off for work. The interns are soon assigned to Miranda, and pretty soon all of them are busy. Meredith is given a patient who needs a neurosurgical operation, to be performed by one Derek Shepherd. Meanwhile, Meredith forms a friendship with Cristina, which is quickly put in jeopardy when Derek chooses Miranda over Cristina to assist with the operation.

Each week, the interns are kept busy with strange medical cases and problems. Things are further complicated for Meredith by her mother, who was once a doctor at the same hospital. She is developing Alzheimer's and Meredith needs to take care of her. Problem is, the two of them don't have a good relationship.

The show is great fun for anybody who liked E.R., Cold Feet, M*A*S*H or other such comedy-dramas I've never heard of.