A quality of something which makes you recoil for a moment when you see it and, depending on your personal beliefs, either remain disgusted or smirk intelligently and move along. Now, when applied properly, shock value can be both a powerful tool of artistic expression and an exploitable marketing gimmick. However, when one removes the content from the object which has this shock value, it becomes cheesy and manipulative.

For example, take Nine Inch Nails. They had pigs' heads on turntables and beating disembodied monkey hearts. But, in addition, they had (and still do have) talent. Now, for the other extreme, take Marilyn Manson. He is shocking, sometimes disgusting and almost entirely about the money now. Maybe, at some point previous to now, he had artistic integrity, and yes, I am aware that he was once Trent Reznor's protege. But I digress. Its important to understand why you like the musical act you do. Is it because they scare your parents shitless or because they scare your parents shitless and write great lyrics?