Everyone in high school seems absolutely bent on getting into a brawl with someone else. Its pretty ridiculous in hindsight for most of you, and for me its pretty ridiculous right now.

Here's the inspiration for this write-up. Sitting in English the teacher brings up the poetry of William Blake, which we are studying, and assigns the reading of two of his poems as homework. A jock, well, an athletically inclined person states that he has read the poems in question and does not understand them, and because of this thinks they are stupid. A dear friend of mine says that he thoroughly enjoyed the poems and that they were some of the best he had ever read (he is rather well read). The athletically inclined person turns to him and asks, "Are you calling me stupid?". My friend answers no, and the jock turns around. Later during the period, he turns around and makes an incendiary comment towards my friend, trying to incite an altercation.

I almost burst out laughing right then. How can one not realize what an absolutely ludicrous situation this was.I knew a laughing fit couldn't help the situation, per se, but it was very close to irresistable.