A particular type of spike which is frequent in fashion, particulary among punk rockers. The spike itself is usually made out of steel or chrome and can be anywhere from an inch long to four or five inches, the longest, however, are usually only seen mounted on substantial pieces of clothing such as leather jackets. The spike's design is like a tear drop mounted on a sort of base.

The spike begins as a small cicular piece of metal and extrudes up and becomes smaller. Image the volume of a torus removed from the volume of a cylinder. This forms the base of the spike. The tip is, as I said, a tear drop which is formed by mating a cone with a hemisphere. The actual product is one solid piece of metal, these geometric terms are used simply such that one can visualize the object from a text description.

The spikes aren't usually manufactured to be sharp enough to pierce the skin readily, usually the tip is rounded. This still doesn't safe guard them against, say, pulling out an eye because some guy was wildly windmilling in the pit with three rows of them on his leather arm brace.

The name of the spike itself probably comes from the fact that it does bare a close resemblence to the torch that the Statue of Liberty holds, sans most of the handle. That makes even more sense, because on the statue you can't actually see most of the handle, because it is obscured by the statue's hand.