I know what you're all thinking -- Cheerleading movie. Inane, socially irrelevant meaningless tripe. But I saw this movie by accident and I couldn't have been happier. Not that it was a great film, or hell, even a good one. It was, however, hilarious. It all requires the correct frame of mind. If you take the movie seriously, you will be hopelessly dissapointed. However, when one attemps to laugh at the utter stupidity of the film, a whole new world of enjoyment is present. Not only did I laugh, I laughed harder, louder, and 90% I laughed when the rest of the audience was dead silent. So, I feel everyone should check out this movie, as long as they realize what they are about to see will be one of the worst films, ever.

"This isn't a democracy, its a cheer-ocracy and you're being a cheer-tater."
--"Bring It On"