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sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar, well, he eats you.
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hi. i'm alright. i'm around. i live in flurida. i'm an advocate of the following: beards, sushi, limes, medium rare steaks, ginger ale, words, ee cummings, films such as the big lebowski, chasing amy, dancer in the dark, pulp fiction, the graduate, high fidelity, fargo.... also, lot of music, including: radiohead, big star, bright eyes, nick drake, tom waits, spoon, the clash, bjork, cat power, neutral milk hotel, buddy guy, pink floyd, belle & sebastian, the beatles, the smiths, talking heads, jeff buckley, elliott smith, bob dylan, REM, the ramones, elvis costello, tori amos, beck, charles mingus, built to spill, dead kennedys, miles davis, hot tuna, led zeppelin, robert johnson, pavement, pixies, pedro the lion, u2, smashing pumpkins, bruce springsteen, verve, neil young, joy division, cream, grateful dead, magazine, etc.
so, anyway, i like to sleep and write words and music and pretend to sing well and i like writing words about driving and putting lime on random food and drinks, having pointless 3 hour phone conversations, leaving the state, and lots of other stuff. that's it.