Since the release of Lord of the Rings, and Peter Jackson's subsequent rise to fame, I think it is very worth while that fans of his should see Braindead, as well as Bad Taste.

It shows the coarse, low-brow, gross humour that made Jackson a cult legend.

A brief description of some famous scenes to give prospective viewers an idea of what to expect:

  • A mutant baby being put in a food processor
  • A ninja priest, who kicks some zombie ass, then says the phrase "I kick arse for the lord"
  • The priest, subsequently zombified, shagging a nurse with a broomstick
  • The protagonist using a lawn mower to turn a ballroom full of zombies into mulch
  • ...Well, you get the picture

It is also worth seeing if you live in New Zealand, as you get to see many of our major television personalities in their early careers, (ie Bill Roleston). The whole thing is a send up of what the country was like in the 1950's.