In "The Naked Sun" and later robot books by Isaac Asimov, Gladia is a woman from Solaria who is suspected of murdering her husband. She works as an artist, creating "field colourings", and later she is described as using her artistic creations to decorate her robots.

She falls in love with Elijah Baley, who helps her emigrate to Aurora after the end of "The Naked Sun". In "The Robots of Dawn", her humaniform robot Jander whom she considered to be her husband is destroyed, and she meets Elijah again when he is called to Aurora to find out who killed Jander. Later she marries the young Auroran Santirix Gremionis.

In "Robots and Empire", which is set two centuries after the other robot novels, Gladia and her two robots Daneel and Giskard travel the galaxy with D. G. Baley, a seventh-generation descendant of Elijah Baley. Gladia eventually decides to move to Earth and devote her life to promoting peace between Spacers and Settlers so that they can both continue to colonise new planets.