Sometimes, in a perfect moment of clarity, you just get it: the whole enchilada. Information comes at you so fast you can't believe what you're seeing. The picture gets bigger yet whole field of view remain in focus. More details become clear as the resolution goes to infinite. Your mind kicks into overdrive as it adapts to the higher bandwidth. You're body moves from the physical to the spiritual and it happens: epiphany. Your mind has created a new idea.

This idea is perfect. It has the genesis of life hidden within it since the idea itself is somewhat about all ideas as a whole. It has no name yet. It is raw, uncooked. I need to give it form and definition. My tool of choice: the computer. For, I am now and forever a geek.

Writing programs is so much more than just typing code. Although, typing code is by far the most tangible way to capture the idea. I need to make something with my hands to transcend from the spiritual back to the physical.

But somewhere along the way the perfect idea falls victim to my imperfect skills. They say the devil is in the details. Well, they're right there in that so many details would be required to perfectly capture the idea that it would take a lifetime just to write one program. Maybe it's a good thing that new ideas only happen once in a while so that you have time to explore without the interruption of yet another idea.

More recently, I'm finding that my ideas are interrelated. Not so much having the same idea over and over but rather having new ideas that fit neatly into the patterns that are so familiar. There is a layering effect. As I write one program, I am mindful of all the other programs that I have written reusing parts that are reusable, forging new links between them and then filling in the rest. I have no system that I follow. Instinct leads me.

I'm not going to tell you what my idea is. I can't. It's too new and too big and if I could write it here in a few words, well, then it wouldn't be much of an idea would it? But stay tuned for more details.