Both girls are in bed and the house is clean. The wife content on the couch with Frasier babbling away in the background. Outside in Tampa it's still like 90 degrees, or something. Uncorking the wine from last night.

My oldest daughter insists on listening to the Bambi soundtrack on her pink Hello Kitty cd player at bedtime - this is the soundtrack, mind you, complete with scary thunderstorm and audible gunshot. The stuff of nightmares.

One day back at work and already my weekend is ruined - three Java upgrades (one Friday, another Sunday morning at some ungodly hour), plus the threat of a scheduled Enterprise 10000 SSP upgrade. Will try to weasel out of the SSP thing, as these are panic-filled overnight ordeals.

My sister-in-law's boyfriend is a painter (interiors, not the artistic sort), and I'm starting to consider what a nice, soothing job that must be. He smokes a lot of weed, and I'm hoping he can hook me up.

Wine. '98 William Hill Cabernet Sauvignon. This bottle will soon be empty.