West London borough usually described as "leafy" (which may either refer to the number of trees, or the local custom of smoking, well, uh, controlled substances). Home of a few fine pubs and many excellent curry houses. In addition Uxbridge Road contains a very fine 7-11 to satisfy your Ribena and English cigarette cravings. In 1995 a homeless man with a magnificent growth on his head would stand outside the 7-11 talking complete nonsense. The 7-11 also sold Boddingtons, the cream of Manchester, which is a very fine drink indeed. A Nandos chicken place next to the Ealing Common tube stop. Two major train crashes took place near Ealing in the late 1990's. Also a bomb taken off the tracks near Ealing Broadway recently. Zayka on South Ealing Road has incredible Indian food. It snowed in Ealing during the winter of 1995, and then I had to come home.