the magic box is the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent box. it is omnipotent but uninterested, omniscient but silent and omnipresent but unseen. you put in it what you have and take out what it has. that's no magic, you wonder? well, you are right (and consequently, wrong). magic is when you become the box, not when you sit in it. the magic box absorbs everything and retains nothing. whatever is put in, goes in and whatever is in, can surely be taken out.

now, there is one golden rule of the magic box you must never forget - "there are no rules of the magic box". no one maintains it, no one owns it, no one opens it, no one locks it. and since there are no rules - you can be that no one. the magic box is like water - simple and careless. however, people have different tastes and needs. some like with sugar, some with caffeine, some have to use pesticides, just to keep it clean. suit yourself.

in the magic box we have here, we start with small items such as books, VCDs and DVDs - things that can be easily used, reused, lost and found. however, feel free to drop in your jewellery, watches, cash or even yourself. not because they can also be "used, reused, lost and found" or because no one is stopping you but because "there are no rules of the magic box". no rules. it accepts all (even visa!). having said that, we request you to put only your belongings into it.

finally, the box follows the "garbage-in, garbage-out" principle. the box can be pretty omni-crappy as well (if you want it to be), for is but an innocent, little, cute, stupid box after all, a container, isn't it? handle with care (and love and respect) because - "garbage-in, garbage-out". and if at all you have any questions, complains or concerns, tell them to the box - it listens.

so, finally (finally, finally), this is just a beginning. consider both the idea and the box open-source and open-destination. spread the word, spread the stuff: within your workplace and out of it. remember, there is only one magic box in the world, all others are mere reflections of it. however, like every boxer has a name, every box also has a name, and the name of the magic box is... well, the magic box.