I, E.T. is the second episode of Farscape. It is personally one of my favorite episodes; in it, our intrepid heroes crash-land on a nameless planet in hopes of muffling the tracking device implanted in a sensitive part of Moya. To extract the device, Moya must go through a lot of pain- and they will need an acceptable anesthetic. While Crichton searches the swampy planet for Clorium (a substance which numbs Moya) Zhaan and Rygel XVI perform delicate surgery on the tracking device.

In this episode, there is one small snafu, which is surprising considering this is only the 2nd episode. In the 1st episode, Premiere, Crichton is injected with nano-probes which gather at the base of the brain to allow him to understand alien speech. However, in I, E.T., The aliens on the swamp-planet have no problem understanding Crichton. These aliens have never seen another alien before, and wouldn't have the nano-probes. In future episodes they do not make that same mistake.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode despite the snafu. They kept the gross biological jokes to a minimum, which is probably the biggest thing that keeps me from enjoying Farscape.