Please allow me to gloat:

Having recently broken up with my boyfriend, I'm amazed at how not all busted up I am. Back out on the 'scene'again and actually glad to be there, had a fabulous weekend, which included going home with a beautiful 21year old DJ on Saturday night! Ugh! The ugh! is not about the 21yrold but about me: I'm so easy! He came up to me, chatted me up a bit and then asked me if he could kiss me. Eyes big as saucers and full of gratitude, I said yes! Well, he cracked the code right then and there (I'm going to have to re-set it now-- I think I had it plastered across me forehead Saturday night). Stopped at a gas station on the way to his flat for the raincoats and indulged in mutual gratification. In my defense, I can only say that he told me he had been watching me since we'd gotten to the Akropolis and told me that I looked 'vzru<š>j<í>c<í>' (something like exciting or thrilling in Czech-- whew!). But part of the problem was what happened Friday night. I met an absolutely beautiful MAN- NOT a boy- from Austria at this party Valentina took me to- gaaah! so sexy and manly-like, tall, grew up in the mountains and directs film, blond, well-dressed but slightly sleazy-looking like a film director should be, intelligent and genuine, flirting without being slimey, testosterone spewing from his every pore, really a man (did I say how manly he was?)man, man, man-oh-man. Got my engine all kinds of revved-up. And I CHARMED him, how I did it, idunno. I charmed that man and I was so full of myself for charming him that I had to leave. Putta spell on him, hit the road, and then took the edge offa my apple-tight with misterDJ-21. One thing that really hit home was that 21yrolds are not very fun to talk to; there's not a whole lot going on in their heads yet. Klaus was much more interesting. Let's see if he comes and gets me.

Lord help me, I think I'm boy crazy. Every man I meet is the most yummy-looking creature until I meet the next one. I never knew there were so many gorgeous men in Prague. I remember once complaining to David that there aren't so many good-looking men in Prague, and he said that there were, but they only come out on certain days. I think they made a collective agreement to stay out all summer this year! But I gotta watch myself. After I charmed Klaus, I couldn't stop charming zee men... I need to be responsible for my sexuality(what the hell does that mean, exactly?) instead flinging it wildly around ensnaring the unsuspecting. I only occasionally realize that I have power as a woman (usually in retrospect), and this weekend it smacked me in the face hard: LOOK AT WHAT YOU GOT, BABY! I think I even accidentally almost picked up a woman the other night, if you can believe that! I do feel just the tiniest bit guilty about going home with that kid because I wasn't interested in anything but having my ego massaged (assuaged?) which is probably why I blew off the REAL guys I met on Saturday for him, but it was only one indulgence and as long as I'm not doing it every weekend I think I can still call myself a good kid.