"Once Upon a Time in the West" is also a Dire Straits song featured in their second album Comminuqué.

The song starts off with a wonderful guitar intro displaying Mark Knopfler's genious of emotional notes. As Pick Withers' drums together with John Illsley's bass shift in and lay down the simple rhythm you feel the feeling when you feel something special is going to happen.

Some people get a cheap laugh breaking up the speed limit
Scaring the pedestrians for a minute
Everytime Mark sings about bad drivers, peacekeeping forces and heroes with bullets in their chests I get in a peaceful mood; the song and his guitar somehow reminds me that this time will pass, and old yellow memories will be all that is left behind.

Once Upon a Time in the West is different from the majority of the album in that it doesn't tell a story or a situation, but seems to be just a collection of comments.

Yes, it's no use saying that you don't know nothing
It's still gonna get you if don't do something