Today I saw a traffic accident. It was the second I have seen in my life. (The first one was in September 20, 2001.) This time it wasn't nearly as dramatic and unexpected. Today was the first day, when the roads were really slippery and icy, although it had snowed before.

I was in a bus at about 15.40 at the intersection of Sepänkyläntie and Keskuskatu in Asevelikylä, Vaasa. I heard a sound, which sounded like the bus had scratched its chassis to the platform at the crosswalk across Sepänkyläntie. But the sound didn't come from the bus. The bus braked and stopped, but then it went on. I saw how someone had driven his Ford Escort (or something looking like one) to the traffic sign at the crosswalk platform in the center of the intersection. The driver was walking around puzzled, examining the damage and scratching his head. There were no passengers. The car was badly damaged and probably beyond repair, because the repair would have cost more than the car. The sign had entered its front bumper from the left, crushing the suspension of the left tyre, breaking the bumper and damaging the chassis and the hull. The sign pole was bent.

I was upset the previous time, this time I was laughing and gloating at it, but realising how that can happen to me also. I was laughing exactly because it can happen to me. The previous weekend I had left the Tampere railway station at 18.00 in the train from Vaasa to Helsinki. Half an hour later, a locomotive collided with a train there. 30 people suffered minor injuries. I heard from this in the news. Is there some "god" trying to tell me something or what? I've never been as near accidents before this fall.

Probably no god bothers to do so, even if any of them exist. Shit happens.

I saw some dim and white aurora borealis in the night. They were so dim that if you hadn't seen them before, you would have thought they're clouds. Their nature was revealed when I saw them changing and self-illuminating, and how their shape was the one of a aurora borealis-type halo. They were changing slowly in brightness, little in shape. They were like clouds, but a little bit too uniform to be them. The geomagnetic activity has been high in these days. I saw some very bright, LED green, dancing and rapidly undulating aurora a few days ago.