Six? Seven? There are ten senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, pressure, hot/cold, pain, kinethesis, and proprioception. The tactile sense is usually just shrugged off by attributing "nerve endings". They aren't just nerves ending, there are complex small organs, which are no less "sense organs" as the photoreceptors in the eye, the cilium cells in the ear, the nerves in the nose etc.

The warmth-coldness sense is actually made up of smaller temperature ranges. A nerve ending functions most actively at its specific temperature. There's the same kind of "spectrum" with taste and smell - there are different cells for salty, sweet, burnt, etc. Pain and heat sensors are both active at blistering temperatures. The pressure and temperature sensor are, btw, big. There are a few of them on the skin, so you can spot where they are. And still people think this diverse senses are just one sense?

All these senses are used to perceive the external reality by sensing their effect to the body. Logically, things that don't have any effect on the body, like neutrinos, cannot be sensed. Just try putting your hand into a drawer: