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I'm from Tallahassee, FL- a weird little town, in an off-beat way. It exists for football, the few colleges there, and politics, along with the usual agriculture and shops to support its bullshit existence. I want to build robots, so I'm moving to a decent job hopefully in the SoCal or New England areas as soon as I've got a degree- which should be in about 6 years. I'm mainly obsessed with robots and robotics, and all things geeky. I admit it, I'm a stereotype: glasses, awkward, bookish.

I'm also a contradiction, though: I'm tall at 6'2", and I'm physically strong, weighing about 180 pounds and able to run pretty fast and far. I also enjoy powerful cars- a distinctly jockish thing, IMHO. I'm a citizen: I give blood and I support government as the Constitution intended it.

I enjoy working in my little 10'X12' shop, which is equipped with a bandsaw, grinder, milling machine, laptop, 5.1 surround sound, and the usual drills and vice- in addition to a scrap-bin kept stocked with 6061 Al, carbon fiber, garolite, lexan, and other robot-building goodies.

My parents are an odd few: my dad's a fire captain specializing in emergency management- hurricane relief, nuclear attacks, etc., and my mom's an aging hippie, powerbook in one hand, protest sign in t'other. Dad's obsessed with regularity and order,and mom works from 3AM to 1PM, wardrives, and hangs out at coffeeshops.

I confine my strict order to my filesystems, code, schoolwork and robots- my clothes drawers are usually untidy, and the shop's usually got dust and metal chips 1/2" inch deep on the floor. I never comb my hair, and I cut it only when it starts to garner odd looks.

This is getting too personal, so I'll stop. Keep on truckin'.